Tribute To 1978 Shaheed Singhs

Bhai Harpreet Singh, 13 April 2007

Wasn't long ago when:

- a bazurg Gursikh Baba jee sat in the middle of the road doing Simran
unmindful of the cowards surrounding him and hitting him with iron rods

- a young Gursikh stretched himself to the max so all the iron rod
hits, by cowardly 'nindaks' of Guru Sahib, would land on him and not on another Gursikh

- a group of Gursikhs ran forward to meet the bullets being showered
upon them by the cowards hiding in their trenches

- Gursikhs tripped by a hail of bullets would get up to run forward
again as if to decorate themselves with more and more wounds

- a Gursikh's top forehead got torn apart. He sat down to tie it down
with his dastar and in a moment was up again to continue his march.

When he eventually fell after several more close range shots, eye witnesses say that he went down like a huge tree still trying to stay on his feet and continuing on...

Their only motivation was to stop the nindaa, the insults, being
hurled at beloved Guru Sahib by the Narakdhaarees (so called Sant
Nirankari Mandal). Their sacrifice motivated thousands more to stand
up to the Brahmni (Indira Gandhi), the RSS and butchers of the
Government of India. A lot has happened since...yet opportunities
still exist for us to decorate ourselves like our Pyaaray
Shaheed...and continue the war against oppression.

May Guru Sahib bless us with similar, unconquerable, fearless, most
kind hearted, selfless, and absolutely pure lovefor One and Only One!

Dhunn Shaheed! Dhunn Bhai Fauja Singh Jeeo!! Dhunn 13 Gursikh
Laadleean Faujaan! Dhunn Dhunn Dhunn Sree Guru Gobind Singh jeeo!
Dhunn Dhunn Shaheedaan-de-Sirtaaj Guru Arjan Dev Jeeo! Dhunn Dhunn
Dhunn Ekaa JOT - Satguru Naanak Dev Jeeo Maharaj....Dhunn Dhunn Jot
Saroop Har Aap...Vaaheguroo Vaaheguroo Vaaheguroo

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