1984 - The Great Land Of The 5 Rivers

Tireth Singh Clair, 24 March 2006

1984 The great land of the 5 rivers.
Indira stamps her crusty feet, the cowardly snake shivers.
Ghandiís dogs bark with hate swearing at the Golden Temple,
Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa roars with the saint warrior mental.

On this day did Sikhs arrive from world wide,
to celebrate the life of the first Sikh martyr Guru Arjan Dev Ji with pride.
Instead were cries as Gursikhs died,
Because of this the Khalsa was revived,
Sikhs stood together karaís side by side,
To defend dharma, unite and remove divide.

As army tanks entered the holy darbar,
Leaving cracks on the Parkarma - this was only the start.
Bodies littered the holy complex,
For anything other then killing, they had no interest.
The sacred sarovar of Guru Ram Das which was once golden blue,
Only now to be deep red as blood and bodies could been seen through.

Innocent pilgrims and families came to celebrate this holy date,
Little did they know what was held in there fate.

The dogs followed orders from the devious snake,
Stormed their way to the lions - ready to challenge the great.
Every Sikh girl and woman was stared at with evil lust,
Snake Indiraís eyes pierced the Sant as she hissed in disgust.

Sikh prayers stayed strong with no food nor water,
Every Singh & Kaur praying to stop the unjustifiable slaughter.
Footsteps galloped their way into the holy shrine,
Without their heads covered and with their footwear untied,
A soul purpose to murder every Sikh in sight,
The dogs laughed at the women gripping their children in fright.
Shooting random bullets, hitting every non Hindu person,
Destroying precious Sikh artefacts and the original versions.

On this tragic day were Sikhs further provoked,
As openly did soldiers drink and smoke,
As if the days ware a giggle and joke,
As they continually created gun and grenade smoke.

They were fully prepared and equipped but we werenít,
Guru Granth Sahib Ji was shot and burnt,
Because of this it was learnt,
That the government of India we can never trustÖ
We trusted them once and they turned the sacred Sikh library to dust.
Because of this it is a must, that we never forget there breach of trust
They who commit such ghastly crimes,
And replicated them in over 100 other holy shrines,
Will remorse with guilt in Guru Jiís court.

To think for them we have fought and gave our lives,
Even Guru Sahib did so their faith could survive.
And this is how they repaid us, with invades and grenades,
Could we have been any more betrayed?

The Lion of the pride fights like Guru Gobind Singh Ji on his horse,
The shere Khalsa wield their swords with tremendous warrior force.
Laying lifeless on the ground soaked in blood are few army corpse,
The sheepís brah and gill are furious, they push in more soldiers with their claws.

Increasing the amount of Guru Jiís Shaheeds,
What a mighty force did Bhindranwale lead,
who showed Indira we do not beg on our kneeís,
she caused so many innocent to bleed,
she convinced the nation she was doing a good deed
in hear devious mind she planned to mislead
she told the world she didnít want terrorists to breed,
Killing old Singh's while counting on there prayer beads,
For the first time in history Guru Ka Langar could not feed,
The elderly, women and children were in need,
All they wanted was to be freed,
Congress denied us of what was agreed,
To Indian government the Sikh Panth will never concede
Amy masses continued to exceed
To allow these awful atrocities to proceed
A discussing sight this was indeed
We never will we let them succeed.

If operation bluestar was not enough,
Indian government had planned other stuff..
The November Delhi riots they would not delay
Sikhs were a casualty for Hindu mobs to slay
But thatís another sakhi for another day.

Top much has happened my mind cannot bare,
A homeland where Sikhi can prosper is forever in my prayer.
These diabolical acts seemed so untrue
In this day and age what is left for us to do?....
As we look back on history and see nothings changed,
It is time for us to change our ways.

We should drink the nectar of our Guru,
The nectar strengthened by the double edged sword
The nectar of compassion and love
We should Become immortal and fear Satguru Ji only
Keeping the company of sadh sangat we shall never be lonely
To become children of our great Guru we must,
Abandon the sins of anger, possessions, greed, ego and lust
Be tyiar bar tyiar upholding the principles of the mighty spiritual Khalsa.
Remembering Guru Ji always and spreading the light of Sikhi further.

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