Beautiful Singhs

Bhai Jagdip Singh, Faridkoat

This translation of the poem entitled Beautiful Singh by Jagdip Singh (Fareedkot) regarding Mr. Singh International and what real Sikh beauty is.

They say they are looking for Beautiful Singhs, at an international level.

Where will you find those Beautiful Singhs?

(But) Those Beautiful ones were killed...

They (police) found those Beautiful ones.

They ones in Elegant Dastaars, and angelic Beards.
Those with Dumallays and Chollays.
Where ever they were found, they were detained and taken.

(Their dead bodies) thrown in rivers, drains, and under bridges,
all because a newspaper headlines needed to be made for the next day.
They (authorities) did not think those Beautiful ones were Beautiful,
But they were Beautiful not just of their appearance,
but they were Beautiful due to their deeds.

The authorities are not threatened by your appearance
It is your actions that threaten them the most
So become Beautiful not with your appearance but with your deeds.

Become Beautiful with your deeds.
Even without seeing their appearance, the public called
Sant Jarnail Singh, Bhai Talwinder Singh, Bhai Gurjant Singh Beautiful
Those of you, who wear the Kalgis on your Turban,
and parade in public on the cat walk ramps.

Sons of Lions do not imitate the walk of house cats.
And we are not worthy of wearing Kalgis.

We are only attempting to hold on to the neglected dear memories of our
Beloved Shaheeds of The Kalgi-wearer.
If you truly want to become Beautiful, become Beautiful like those Shaheeds.

Become Beautiful like them, Become Beautiful like them.

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