Government Organised Carnage

Gurcharan Singh Babbar
Published by Babbar Publications Pvt. Ltd in 1998

"Seek Blood For Blood"
"Widows And Other Victims Speak In First Person"
A Black Mark On The Supreme Court
A Special Study Of The Massacre
Well-Planned Conspiracy
Background Of Killers
A Chronology Of Events Leading To The Massacre
Eye-Witness Accounts
Newspaper Reports About The Violence
Why And How The Innocent Were Massacred
Kanpur Riots
P.V. Narasimha Rao: The Kingpin Behind The Conspiracy
The Motive Behind The Killings: "Teach The Sikhs A Lesson"
The Massacre Was Organised
Precious Proof Of The Crimes Is Vanishing
Indian Judiciary’s Double Standards
"Forget And Forgive," Sikhs Are Told
"Riots" Is A Misnomer
Congress (I): The Chief Culprit
Delhi Police: A Den Of Criminals
Congress (I)’S Vicious Anti-Sikh Campaign And Its Impact On The Mass Mind
Mishra Commission Report: An Analysis
696 Demonstration Later The Struggle For Justice Is Still On
Unsung Heroes
Some Shining Examples Of Communal Harmony And Peace

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