A Memory To Cherish

By Harpreet Kaur

It's time that we let our voices be heard.
It's the 300th year of the Khalsa's birth.
We have all gathered here to celebrate.
Join your hands and rid that individual hate.

Let's tell America what the Sikhs are all about.
We don't want to leave anyone is negative doubt.
Don't believe everything that you've read or seen.
The Sikhs are in no way terrorist, criminals or mean.
It's the Indian Government that makes it seem such, but don't you fall for such bluff.
Peace, love, equality, the Sikhs only fight for sovereignty, we need Khalistan ASAP.
Just like the Jews the Sikhs have been abused,
but instead of Hitler it's the Indian Government that we accuse.

It was on this day that Guru Gobind Singh gave us a name.
He didn't want his Sikhs to ever be ashamed.
On this day he baptized five, making each one equal in guise.
From this day Sikhism was officially established, giving the Sikhs an identity to always lavish.

Cutting, trimming, shaving is forbidden.
Male or female it's a given.
The turban and hair are very scared to the Sikhs.
There a part of our identity and they can't be missed.
It's our looks that make us different from the rest.
Everyday we're put on the test.
People stare "oh yes" we're aware, it's no anything new or rare.

America is full of diversity.
In this country we're a small minority.
We may be small in number, but once a Sikh is seen he/she is always remembered.
Now it's time to raise our hands high.
Being a Sikh let us not deny.
Khalistan is our need indeed.
The Indian Government is just a cheat.
We can't trust what they say or do.
It's time that the Khalsa rule.
Let me hear all the Singhs and Kaurs,
Let us roar like never before


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