Shaheed Bhai Harjit Singh Dhillon

Bhai Harjit Singh Dhillon was born in the village Dhilva to Bhai Joginder Singh and Bibi Tarvinder Kauron on the 30th June 1967. His family was Amritdhari and held very strict religious principles.

He attended the Government Senior School in  Dhilva, and was known to be a clever student and an  excellent Kabbadi player. He took his Pre-University qualification from D.A.V College, Jallandhar and then enrolled into Mehar Chand Polytechnic, Jallandhar. During this, he often visited Harmandair Sahib, and listened to speeches of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindrawale. He was moved by his views. After the attacks of 1984 on Harmandair Sahib, a lot of tension entered his life. He wanted to cut the noose of Slavery from the Sikh Nation's neck, so he joined Sikh Students Federation and put his mind to fighting for freedom.

Bhai Harjit Singh Dhillon continued his studies and achieved a Civil Diploma of Engineering. After this, Bhai Sahib took Amrit at Chowk Mehta, Damdami Taksal and kept his activities a secret. He was a very quiet, and a deep-thinking person.

During this period, he kept links with the SInghs in the battlefield. He thought that the struggle should be taken out of the streets of Khalistan and spread it to all 4 corners of Hindustan. On the 15th July 1994, he was staying with his close companion in Hoshiarpur when the Police found out about his whereabouts and surrounded his house. Bhai Sahib achieved martyrdom.

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