1984 - The Day We Died

Hardeep Singh, 1999

Squeezing each and every drop of blood until my veins run dry,
You dismember all my joints and laugh as I cry,
But you know not the tears that I shed is not because of my pain,
It is living in this comfort knowing about the others you have slain,

The temple of love open to all,
Rich and poor, big and small,
Beyond colour creed and race,
You tried to destroy it and deface,

You are the rapist your smell is vile,
You are polluted with sin like the paedophile,
Yes you are! The most deformed beast,
You are the cannibal and from flesh you feast,

You're very existence, upon which you pride,
Is only here today because the glorious ninth Nanak refused to hide,
He offered his head to save your race,
His was the giver of your grace,

But like the unfaithful lover you acknowledge not truth,
You tell lies to your conscience to forget your root,
But when the root is not strong in the storms the tree will fall,
Who will be your protector? With what face will you call?

But you do not care as you rape the women and loot our homes,
Burn us alive, and hide our bones,
You drink our blood to quench your thirst,
For each drop of blood a hundred martyrs will grace the earth

It was not about land or space,
It was about the freedom to prosper within the Guru's grace,
But your anger consumed you, and you ordered them in,
You gave the order to start killing,

Fear none, frighten none was the Guru's song,
You failed to listen or heard the words wrong,
You marched in and started to fire,
You became the filth of your evil desire,

Your pathetic sweat drops on the marble floor,
You have sold your honour like the whore,
You murder, maim and rape,
You have no identity except for hate,

You cannot destroy the temple of bliss,
Sri Harminder Sahib is blessed with Guru's kiss,
You're lowly and cowardly ways,
Is just a reflection of the end of your days,

Our blood will turn to inspiration for the generations to come,
Your horror filled souls will become numb,
You cannot block the saffron filled skies,
The GURU'S disciple never dies.

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