Gathered - Candle Light Vigil

We have all gathered together
To speak tonight
We have all gathered together
To weep on this night.
To remember the dead
To never forget the loss
To remember our lost loved ones
To never forget the cost.

To remind the old
To educate the young
To the eternal pledge of vigilance
The duty of everyone.
We can never succumb to fear
We can never give into hate
We must strive to be better
We must transcend manís natural state.

We are all children of God
Human beings one and all
We all exist on this planet
Each equal to all.
For though we are myriad of souls
Unique as snowflakes
Our similarities should unite us
More then our differences divide us.

So join your voice to mine
Link your soul and life to anotherís tonight
To insure no one goes unmourned
And no child or parent are
separated by loss of life.

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