Jaago Sikho Jaago, Wake Up The Sikhs

Kanwarjit Singh, 28 January 2002

For if you keep on sleeping,
You will never stop weeping,
It is already much too late,
For you to further sit and wait.

Your religion is being hijacked,
Your very ethos is being attacked,
You will remain just a pawn,
If wisdom, on you, does not dawn.

Your image has been battered,
Your prestige has been shattered,
Where once you were addressed with respect,
You are now branded – a terrorist.

Sikhs are a successful community,
But have failed to promote their very own unity,
Today they are without direction,
Which needs a lot of introspection.

Look at the plight of Sikhs today,
Oh! Look at the price they have to pay,
The price of Disunity and Divide,
The lack of Love, the lack of Pride.

Fight for the country – you did lead,
Life for the country – you did give.
Food basket for the country – you did grow,
Way to the industry – you did show.

But then what happened in Eighty-four,
Left no doubts in mind – any more,
They made you the culprit; you became the victim,
They made you pay the price – for another man’s sin.

Some of you drink and smoke,
And some even cut their hair,
You are destroying your very identity,
Oh! What a terrible scare!

You are the followers of Guru Nanak,
The harbinger of Love and Peace,
You are the descendants of Guru Gobind,
The symbol of Love and Sacrifice.

Guru Nanak spread the message of love,
Guru Gobind sacrificed his own for others,
They showed to us the right way,
But look at the plight we’ve put ourselves in today.

So wake up my dear sisters and brothers,
Wake up from your unending slumber,
Let us all come together,
And take control of our future.

For if you fail - to wake and rise,
Or if you fail - to realise,
Sikhs and their Panth - will be things of the past,
And you will be the culprit – to the last.

There is a lot to do ahead,
And the time at hand is very less,
So let us all come together,
To make an effort and clean the mess.

Unify, Unify, Unify, Unify,
Unite till you are One,
You have the blessings of your Guru,
To find a place Under the Sun,
Let us bring back - the lost glory,
Let us start – a whole new story,
Let Sikh and his Panth be Supreme,
And let us create a future of our dream.

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