Mothers, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters lend me your ears
For this is not just about Bhindrawale and his spears

Itís about the right of each and every man
Its about our beloved Khalistan

People are confused about this land that could be
But I say to them this is our chance, our chance to be free

They say to me whatís the point or whatís the use?
I tell them its about putting a stop to our neglect and abuse

The army officials do not want us to have our way,
But the Babbars will help us, they will help keep them at bay

Our Lord is our Commander-in-Chief
He will help put an end to all of our griefís

Support our brother Sant Janail Singh Bhindrawale
And remember the courageous stories of Sikhs like Baba Ahluwalia

This is our new motherland
This will be the Khalsa rule at hand.

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