KPS Kill

Unknown, February 2005

KPS Gill
Some call him 'Super Cop'
and some 'Butcher of Punjab'

He was the Police Chief
In the state of Punjab

Brought in to subdue a political uprising
He ordered killing of thousands

He subdued the uprising no doubt
How he did it is the real surprise

Thousands picked up in the night
Tortured and killed in police custody day and night

Jaswant Singh
A human rights activist
Found evidence of this genocide

Causing KPS Gill some fright
So he ordered the only thing he knew right

Had Jaswant Singh abducted from his house
Tortured, killed and body dumped in a canal

KPS Gill slept on his war crimes
Until an ex-cop woke up with a conscience

Having witnessed Jaswant Singh's demise
He spilled beans on KPS Gill's evil designs

Justice might never be served
But at least on record

His name is KPS Kill

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