A Letter Has Been Received From Home Today

Buta Singh Rai

A letter has been received from home today. It is from a friend and is about our situation.
He has written:

All is well
The stamping of the soldiers' feet is not letting me sleep
Otherwise all is well

He has written
Our labourer's daughter has been defiled by the government's gangsters
with the connivance of the Congress sarpanc
But all is well
All is well

Yet not all are dead
Thousands are still alive
Heads placed on palm (i.e. accepting death)
But all is well

In the courtyard we see only vultures
There is no nightingale
Flowers do not blossom
Apart from that all is well

I received a letter from a friend in Punjab today
He has written all is well

I have a letter from a friend in Punjab today
That the Moghuls have invaded the country
And yet again there is a price on our heads
Apart from that all is well

For it makes so little difference how many they kill
The more they kill the more shall rise.

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