Shaheed Bhai Balbir Singh Ludhar Babbar aka
Jaljant Singh Babbar

"For the Saints to be full of Love,
This is also a true story.
For the people to be fighters for their rights,
This is the most necessary thing"

These are words of Shaheed Bhai Balbir Singh Ludhar, aka Jaljant Singh Babbar, who used to sing these lines a lot.

He was born in 1962, in Village Langhiala, in Moga. He was born to Sardar Banta Singh and Mata Gurdial Kaur. He had a very good physic for his age, which is why he was given the name "Ludhar". He had a very merciful character, and spend most of his time in the company of  Saints.

During the war of Dharam, he went to Amritsar, with Jathedar Piara Singh's group, where he met Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa. On May 1984, with other Singh's, he was surrounded by Police in Bibi Kahn Kaur's Gurdwara Sahib. Here, many Singh's became shaheed but he managed to escape from this trap.

In September 1984, he was arrested for the first time, and was sent to Faridkot prison for 3 years. After spending his sentence in prison, in 1987, he was married to Bibi Sukhpal Kaur, and then a daughter and sons were born.

In August 1989, he was arrested again, and after being tortured for 45 days, the Police sent him back to Faridkot Jail. After a period of 7 months in jail, he was released on bail on March 1990.

After being released, he continued with his Panthic seva. In 1991, Rajasthan Police arrested him with Rai Singh Nagar and Shingara Singh Korewal. Shingara Singh died was martyred from intense torture but Ludhar was released afterwards.

On 5th September 1992, he was finally martyred in village Sangatpura, by the police. Although he had lack of education, he was a a good writer. His lines have become the never ending memory of him: -

"here those that are living are not valued,
those that read false history those crafty, brahmin, greedy ones,
after those that die they will say,
Ludhar was a good man"

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