A Letter From Nabha Security Jail

Kulwant Singh, Gurmel Singh, Lachman Singh, Teja Singh, Harjit Singh, Palvinder Singh, Sarbjit Singh 'Alal', Karamjit Singh, Mahinder Singh, Jarnail Singh

Those Who Fought and made sacrifices for the Panth have no right to participate in Khalsa Panth's Birth Tercentenary

Most revered Khalsa Panth, Panthic govt. and all Panthic Leaders

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

The Khalsa Panth is celebrating its birth tercentenary on the coming Baisakhi. On this auspicious day, we, all imprisoned Sikhs in the cells of Indian Jails, pray for the glory and progress of our nation and convey our heartiest congratulations.

It is also a matter of chance that on this auspicious occasion a Panthic govt. is functioning in Punjab. People are talking of celebrating this occasion in many ways. 'Wonders' (ajoobas) are being built, huge gathering and processions/marches are being organised and inflated claims are being put 'forward. Now when Sikh Institutions and organizations are in the grip of egoism and factionalism, it has become essential for the Sikh Panth to do some self-introspection and find out how much we have strayed from the Guru and his teachings. We have no objections to the way these celebrations are being conducted but we beg to ask a few questions from our community:

1. Everyone must be aware that during the last 15 years the Sikhs have gone through a bloody struggle. We had jumped into the fray only to save our distinct identify and freedom and for the glory of the Panth and against Brahminism, which was out to decimate us as a nation. The factors which led to the struggle are still there and anti-Sikh forces have become even more powerful and deadly than before. Should we, as some Panthic leaders are suggesting, forget that period of struggle and become oblivious to the political, religious, economic and cultural problems of the Sikhs.?

2. How should the sacrifices of lakhs of Sikh men and women who laid down their lives fighting for the glory of Sikhism be accounted for? How will the present Panthic conditions affect the spirits of the Sikh martyrs? What can be the future of a nation that forgets its martyrs? Let the Panthic leaders tell: after marking the indifference shown to the martyrs of the present struggle, will any mother send her son to sacrifice his life for the Panth.?

3. During this struggle the Sikhs suffered incalculable financial losses, countless Sikh women were dishonored and even today mothers, daughters and sisters of Sikhs who waged the struggle, are suffering, martyrs children are living like orphans even when there is a Panthic government and none is taking care of them. Let the Khalsa Panth and the Panthic government tell these families and children how they should celebrate Khalsa Panth's birth tercentenary.

4. How did we land in the jail cells? Did thousands of Sikh youth march on the path of struggle and sacrifice for any worldly temptations? We have come into these jails fighting for the glory of the Sikh Panth and we are proud of it. When the entire community is celebrating the occasion, we should also be told how we should take part in the tercentenary celebrations.

We had a faint hope that during these celebrations our queries will be addressed to by those in power. But it is a matter of regret that real issues are being consciously ignored in factional fighting and glittering and dazzling celebrations. For seeking answers to these questions, we are left with no alternative other than that of a going on a hunger strike in order to rouse this slumbering and apathetic Panthic govt. and its leaders.

'Gur Fateh' to the entire Sikh nation.

We are, Khalsa Panth's forgotten segment

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