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Killings At Nakodar

This is the saga of the four Sikh youths who sacrificed their lives in the honour of Holy Shri Guru Granth Sahib.

In 1986 in the Punjab state's city Nakodar, these 4 Sikh youths were killed by the Government of Sikh traitor Surjit Singh Barnala, when they were protesting peacefully on the burning of Holy Scriptures in Shri Guru Arjan Dev Gurudwara. This traitor and his associates who are today representing themselves as loyal to Sikh Community, didn't even give the bodies of Martyrs and cremated them through the police declaring unidentified while they were in power.

Bhai Ravinder Singh Bhai Harminder Singh Bhai Baldhir Singh Bhai Jhilman Singh

These Martyrs were:-

Shaheed Bhai Ravinder Singh Ji son of Sardar Baldev Singh resident of village Littran, District Jalandhar who was an active member of All India Sikh Student Federation and grandson of the Late Singh Sahib Giani Harcharan Singh Ji Mohalon.

Shaheed Bhai Harminder Singh Ji Chaluper (Sham Churasi) District Hoshiarpur who was president of Khalsa College Jalandhar Unit of the Federation.

Shaheed Bhai Baldhir Singh Ji Fauji of Village Ramgarh, District Kapurthala, He quit his job in the Indian Army as a protest against Operation Blue Star, he was student of M.A. in Khalsa College and was an active member of the Federation.

Shaheed Bhai Jhilman Singh Ji who was resident of Bajuha Kalan and  was residing at Rajowal Gorsian near Noormahal was also member of the Federation.

On the 2nd February 1986, Saroops of Guru Granth Sahib Ji were burnt at Shri Guru Arjan Dev Sikh Temple Nakodar. AISSF and people of the area observed a protest march in Nakodar city peacefully to show resentment against this and for the arrest of culprits. But police instead of arresting them gave them police protection.

On the 4th February 1986, Baba Joginder Singh, state leaders of federation and federation members of almost every unit of Punjab and area people gathered in a high strength outside Nakodar city at Sherpur bridge side. It was decided that the Sangat would go to Gurudwara, lead by the Panj Pyare, to retrieve the burnt Saroops of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, which were burnt by anti social elements {belonging to that party with whom Badal & associates has association now a days} so that these may be taken to Kiratpur Sahib for their last rites.

The Panj Pyare were leading the Sangat and praying Satnam-Vaheguru, they started to move towards the Gurudwara, the police start moving backward when these people reached near the municipal corporation post, all of a sudden police started firing without any warning, none of the protestors was having fire arm.

Bhai Ravinder Singh Ji, Bhai Baldhir Singh Ji Fauji and Bhai Jhilman Singh Ji who were three of the Panj Pyare were killed by the police on the spot.

The police hunted the people running back, about 15 young men where injured, a few young men jumped into wells to protect themselves from the police. Few headed into nearby fields and about 30 were arrested by the police.

Bhai Harminder Singh Ji, president Khalsa College Jalandhar unit of the Federation was arrested in the presence of people from saw mill of Natha Singh. Sawaran "ghotna" (DSP) and Jaskirat (SHO) shot him in the mouth with revolver and said to him that you make speeches with this tongue, we will stop it today forever.

After this police got the bodies of these 4 to mortuary house of Nakodar civil hospital and ordered for their post-mortem, but Bhai Harminder Singh [who was the only brother of 4 sisters] was still alive, so the doctor took him to hospital from mortuary house and tried to save his life. But when the police came to know about this, the police came immediately with a van and ordered refer this patient to Civil Hospital Jalandhar because blood can be arranged there. Again the police shot him at village Lambra on Nakodar - Jalandhar road and killed him. In police papers his death place is shown as civil hospital Jalandhar.

This is India's law and Democracy where one is made silent forever because of his true speeches (views). Post -mortem report clearly shows that he was shot in the mouth and all other Singhs were shot in chest, if police wanted to stop this march, they may be shot in the legs, may be arrested but no traitor Barnala wanted to save his chair and so called Sikh police officers needed promotions.

After these dead bodies were cremated by the police declaring them unidentified, even in all newspapers name and addresses of these Martyrs were printed. At that time Balwant Singh, the Finance minister said on behalf of Punjab Government in a press conference that the police cremated dead bodies of Martyrs against Government's orders, Punjab Government's orders were to give these bodies to concerned families. If that was true, why where these irresponsible officers were given promotions?

After this Justice Gurnam Singh who was Judge of High Court made a inquiry of this incident (however federation & concerned families boycott this inquiry) found in his report that the police officers, SDM, DC etc. were guilty, but even this report is not implemented till today. Can we expect from these Badal and associates who are in power and say they are pro Sikhs to get this report implemented? No I don't agree, because they are working according to commands of Hindu government.

Khalsa Ji wake up we won't get Khalistan or Justice through votes. So I appeal to Sikh community that we must commit today that we will continue our fight till we achieve our independence. This will be our true respect to these martyrs.

Refer to the International Human Right Organisation Report - Mischief At Nakodar for a detailed account.

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