Narrated Incidents On Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale's Life

Author Unknown

The below are incidents narrated to me by people who all spent time with Sant Ji.

Before Becoming Jathedar Of Taksal

Sant Ji was performing a Sehaj Paath & the electricity in the building went. The Singhs who were there went outdoors due to the heat indoors and after a couple of hours they went back indoors. One of the Singhs went straight indoors and saw Sant was still doing Paath and he asked Sant Ji how have you been reciting the Paath whilst the electricity was gone (as Sant Ji had done Parkash of the Pothi and carried on as normal, even though the electricity had just come back - so he couldn't have set up the Pothis so quickly). Sant Ji said what can I say - the letters of Gurbani or shining to me in gold thus I could recite in the dark. (The guy he told this was a close companion of Sant Ji).

The Singhs went to Hemkunt Sahib and performed an Akhand Paath at the Gurdwara Sahib and one of Sant's friends had the midnight duty for Paath of 12am - 2am and he said he got lazy on the first night and asked Sant if he would do his duty - Sant Ji obliged and did all 4 hours to 4am. The next night this Singh got lazy again and asked Sant Ji to do the seva again, Sant Ji again obliged. This friend of Sant Ji then awoke at 4am and saw Sant Ji walking across the ice bare-footed as the sleeping quarters were a bit away from the Darbar. He asked Sant Ji if he was mad walking on ice and didn't he feel the cold - Sant Ji replied Dasmesh Pita looks after his Sikhs. (someone had taken Sant Ji's chapals while he was on the role/duty).

Before 1984 - Operation Blue Star

When Sant Ji was arrested he called in Bhai Kulwant Singh Nagoke (who was a Babbar) and told him to make sure that Punjab is set on fire whilst he is in jail. Bhai Kulwant Singh and his associates obliged letting off bombs in various locations.

Whilst in detention - Sant Ji was asked many questions by the interrogating officers one of the questions was:

- You are the 13th Jathedar of Damdami Taksal, the first Jathedar Baba Deep Singh fought on even though His head was chopped off. Do you think you are as powerful as Baba Deep Singh?
- Sant Ji replied - Chop my head off and test your theory (the police officers were shocked by the response and his audacity)

Yogi Harbhajan Singh was close friends with Indira Gandhi (they had the same Yoga teacher), he went and met Indira and said that he could easily kill Sant Ji if she wished (who was then at Sri Akal Takhat Sahib). A few days later Yogi came to Sri Darbar Sahib and Sant Ji called him up to meet him. Sant Ji started describing the room that Yogi had met Indira in and said there was a guy mouthing off saying he killed Sant - Sant Ji then said directly to Yogi - the Sant is before you if you want to kill him, go and have a pop. Yogi got flustered and started sweating and Sant Ji laughed and said to the Singhs look it's cold weather and Yogi Ji has started sweating, run, go and fetch him water.

In Operation Blue Star - Unity With The Babbars

Many make up much gossip about animosity with the Babars and Sant Ji (there may have been a little bit - but nothing like the stories you hear). Anyway whilst the attack was going on Sant Ji wanted to send a message to Pakistan to start an attack on India - the Singhs had a transmitter in Sri Akhal Takhat Sahib but no-one could work it to send the message. Sant Ji called for Bhai Mehal Singh - who risking his life went through live fire from the Sarai's all the way to Sri Akhal Takhat Sahib, but he couldn't also get the transmitter to work - thus he returned to his Morcha point. If there had been animosity Sant Ji or his associates could have easily killed Bhai Mehal Singh whilst he was coming or going from Sri Akhal Takhat Sahib and no-one would have been any wiser due to the ongoing fire from the Army.

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