I Will Never Forget 1984

Amardeep Singh Amar, May 2004

They may have rebuilt the bungas, they may have filled the bullet holes and replaced the parkarma. The blood may have been washed away, but you will never wash that memory from my mind.

I will not forget the way in which you massacred my brothers and humiliated and raped my sisters. I will not forget the way in which Akal Takhat was reduced to rubble.

You think you have crushed us. You think we have forgotten.

Maybe the raging inferno has now been extinguished.
But still, some embers burn on. Not all is yet ash.
Remaining embers!
Those of you dying of pain like this one!
One dying ember cries out.

Rise up.
Leave the ashes.
Fall upon the grass.
Let us burn.
Let us scorch the grass.
Let us again become an inferno.
We will burn and give light again.

But let there not be anymore delay.
Let not darkness fall.
Because after the embers, only ash will remain.

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