Never Forget 1984

Where were you in 1984?
Where were you when dead Sikhs lay on the floor?

When we received shot after shot,
And Singhs were tied up with their turbans in knots.

Where were you when Kaurs were raped?
Where were you when they tried but failed to escape?

How was Kuldip Brar allowed to come in?
How was he allowed to do such a hideous sin?

Why was our holiest of temples attacked?
Is it because the Hindustaniís unity with the Sikhs lacked?

Why on that day? When more Sikhs were expected to come and pray?
Is it because the Indian government did not want us to have our say?

So now us Sikhs maybe treated like the poor,
But we will not live on without the memory of 1984 anymore...

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