Operation Bluestar 1984

Journal Articles

41984 Attack On Akal Takht
4Eye-Witness Account Of Operation Bluestar
4The Truth Behind Operation Bluestar
4Operation Bluestar: Night Of Blood
4Atrocities On Sikh Children
4Ghallughara 84
4President Defends Army Action
4Indira Did Not Consider Operation Bluestar A Mistake
4The 15th Anniversary Of Operation Bluestar
4In the Aftermath of Operation Bluestar
4Operation Bluestar: Nightmare Of A Naik
4Operation Blue Star
4Operation Bluestar: A Juristic View
4Assault On Amritsar, 1984
4The Bitter Drama Of The Sikhs
4“Operation Bluestar Created New Crusaders For Sikh Cause”
4Sant Bhindranwale Did Nothing Wrong By Defending The Golden Temple
4Operation Bluestar: A Premeditated Design
4Army Assault 1984: A Study Of The Sikh Reference Library Before And After Operation Bluestar
41984: Missing Archival Treasure Of The Sikh Reference Library
4The Making Of Operation Bluestar (1978-1984)
4Operation Bluestar ‘A Mistake’
4Amritsar: Remembering The Martyrs
4'Operation Bluestar': The Untold Story
41984: An Unending Torment
4The Amritsar Tragedy
4The Ghalughara: Operation Blue Star - A Retrospect
4Remembering Operation Bluestar
4Reply To S. S. Dhanoa’s Remembering Operation Bluestar
4Operation Blue Star: An Unjustifiable Act
4Operation Blue Star
4Recalling The Bloodbath
41984 Assault On Amritsar - Khuswant Singh’s Protest In The Indian Parliament
4Operation Bluestar: Why We Should Forgive
4The Start Of A Sikh Country
4What If There Was No Operation Bluestar?
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