A Sikh Girls Prayer

Jeeth Kaur

Born and raised in a world full of hate
Enraged by the injustices her sisters faced

No place or home to call her own
Born into a family which is not her own

Knowing everyday as she’s grown
One day her hand will be given to a man unknown

Searching for an abode which can be called her own
Realising at her tender age,
That is none other than with the charna of the lord

For a girl to be accepted in this world
So much she has to bear
Sentenced to a world of silence
No room for what she has to share

Loved ones come and go
Their love and faces forever changing

We are forever searching for acceptance
Not realising for years how our sisters have been treated

1984 and for years before
Our sisters, abducted, raped, betrayed by people they thought of as their own

No one here is ours
We are musafirs on this earth
We belong with our lord

If only we could witness an ounce of the strength of the ones before
Gave up their ‘all’ for the lord

Guru Jis love remains the same, forever strong
Forever carrying his daughters through their struggles

Without his shelter we have no home,
My home, my love, life, my everything, all within the truest form of love

A taste of this love we receive,
From parents, siblings, friends
But a taste is all it remains
Until the ultimate love is realised
The purest kind of love
The only endless love

Dearest sweet Akaal Purkh Ji,
Grant me the wisdom and courage to walk on your path
Forever be close to my heart
Keep my love strong
Help me forgive those who cause my struggles and the struggles of my sisters

Never let me forget the sacrifices our shaheeds made for us
May all my sisters who have suffered be granted the peace love and acceptance,
That I have found within your charna

Forever your daughter

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