The Statement Of Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoyana

Jhoolte Nishaan Rahe Panth Maharaj Ki                                                           KLF
                                                                                                                Dharam Yudh Ke Chaye

                                                                                                               Deh Siva Bar Mohe Ehai
                                                                                                               Shubh Karman Te Kabhoo Na Taro
                                                                                                               Na Daro Ar So Jab Jai Laro
                                                                                                               Nischai Kar Aapni Jeet Karo ||

Akaal Takhat Mahaan Hai, Sikh Panth Di Shaan Hai

Dear respected Judge Sahib,

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa ||
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh ||

Judge sahib, the attack carried out by the Hindustan government in 1984 on the Sikh faith is nothing new. Ever since the Sikh faith came into existence, bringing the message of Kirat Karani (honest labour), Naam Japna (focusing the conscience on God), and wand schakna (sharing one's fruits of labour with society), tyrant regimes have been irritated by it.

The topic of the enemies of the Sikh faith is a very long one; sometimes in the guise of Jahangir, sometimes in the guise of Aurangzeb, sometimes in the guise of Abdali, sometimes Massa Rangar, and sometimes in the guise of Indira Gandhi, have made devious plans to exterminate the Sikh faith and the Sikhs.

The Sikhs have always given such tyrants a bold response. In the form of Guru Arjun Dev Ji, Guru Teg Bahadur Ji, in the form of the Sahibzaade, Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, in the form of Baba Deep Singh Ji, Sikhs have sacrificed for their beloved faith.

Judge Sahib, even after Hindustan's independence, the story of terror and tyranny unleashed upon the Sikhs did not end. Time and again the Sikhs have had to have morchas (movements) and mobilizations to safeguard and demand their rights. Taking inspiration from Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib, Sikh political circles and religious jathebandis started the Dharam Yudh Morcha for the rights of the Sikh people, and this was unbearable for the Congress government.

Sikhs were inspired by their faith and Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib. The Congress government of Hindustan, in June 1984, sent its armed forces to the highest spiritual place of reverence for the Sikhs.

At that time, the Sikhs, with great faith and a peaceful nature, were reflecting on /celebrating the Shaheedi Diwas (Day) of their fifth Guru, Sri Guru Arjun Dev Ji. On June 4th, 1984, the Hindustan armed forces unexpectedly, without warning, attacked Sri Akaal Takhat sahib with tanks and cannons.

Judge Sahib, the highly revered Sikh temporal authority, Sri Akaal Takaht Sahib, and the Darshan Deori, were reduced to rubble. Sri Harmandir Sahib was marked with bullet holes. The historic Sikh Reference Library was burned down.

Thousands of innocent devotees were gunned down. The sacred land of Sri Darbar Sahib Ji and the sacred sarovar, were coloured with the blood of innocent people.

With the leadership of Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindrawaale, Bhai Amrik Singh, and General Shubeg Singh, the Sikhs, defending their faith, gave countless and miraculous shaheeds. I salute those great shaheeds and my head bows before their sacrifices.

Judge Sahib, this was all carried out by our own country's army on its very own people. This was the biggest attack on the Sikh faith and the Sikhs in the 20th century. With this attack, every Sikh's emotions/heart was drenched in blood and sorrow.

Judge Sahib, after the destruction of Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib and the murder of thousands of innocent Sikhs, on October 31st, 1984, the leader of the Congress party, Indira Gandhi, was gunned down by two Sikhs, Bhai Satwant Singh and Bhai Beant Singh. After this, the anti-Sikh and anti-Sikh sentiments of the Hindustani Congress government came to the fore. After Indira Gandhi's death, heads of the Congress party, police officials, and government agencies, overnight took to the roles of murderers.

In the capital Delhi, and in other major cities of the country, innocent Sikhs were made targets. Those who had no involvement with the murder of Indira Gandhi. In the thousands, innocent Sikhs were dragged out from their homes and murdered. Sikhs had tires put around their necks and were burned alive. For 72 hours, the Congress party, police officials, and government agencies played the role of murderers.

Judge Sahib, today after 22 years, no one has been arrested for these crimes. Government after government and commission after commission have shed crocodile tears. Setting up commission after commission is the epitome of their shallowness, when the guilty are sitting right next to them or in the chair right in front of them.

Judge Sahib, the Sikhs have no faith in getting justice from such hypocritical and shallow people. Because the guilty themselves arrange these fact finding commissions, and themselves have the inquiries done.

Judge Sahib, the stories of the tyranny of the Congress sarkar does not end here. After this, their agencies gave the police a free hand at eliminating innocent Sikh youth and tried to exterminate a generation of Sikhs. Forcefully, the congress sarkar was established in Punjab and Beant Singh was made the Chief Minister, whereas all Sikh political parties had boycotted the elections. With only 10% of the votes, and those too being fake, Beant Singh was made the Chief Minister and dancing to Delhi's tune coloured the sacred land of Punjab with the blood of innocents.

Thousands of innocent Sikh youth were picked up from their homes, murdered, and declaring their bodies as unclaimed and unidentified, were burned and thrown into rivers and canals, where their bodies were eaten by fish and eels.

Judge Sahib, there is no bridge over a river, or drain bridge, on the land of Punjab, where the innocent blood of Sikhs was not spilled. Kids as young as 1.5 years old were declared terrorists and shot to death. Any human rights advocates who tried to bring these atrocities into the open, were murdered in broad daylight. The police, who is supposed to protect life and property had take the form of murderers and thieves. All these atrocities happened with patronage from Delhi, carried out by the falsely elected Beant Singh.

Judge Sahib, after eliminating thousands of innocent Sikhs, Beant Singh was declaring himself the Messiah of Peace. He was putting himself alongside Guru Gobind Singh Ji and Ram Avtar. All this was unbearable for us. After all this, we decided to eliminate the falsely elected Beant Singh.

Judge Sahib, on August 31, 1995, the great warrior, son of Mata Surjit Kaur, and Sardar Harnek Singh, Bhai Dilawar Singh, tied a bomb to his body and clashed with Beant Singh and ended Beant Singh's reign of terror forever.

Judge Sahib, on that day I was with Bhai Dilawar Singh. Yes, Judge Sahib, I am a part of this murder. I have no regrets being a part of this murder. The bomb was made by me and Dilawar Singh. The CBI in this case arrested Gurmeet Singh, Lakhwinder Singh, Shamsher Singh, Naseeb Singh, and Navjot Singh. These men have no connection to this case. These men are completely innocent. These men have been falsely implicated in this case.

Judge Sahib, for the warrior spirit and the dignity of the quam, for the liberation struggle, all those martyrs who sacrificed for these, those brothers, before them I bow my head and salute them. Those who sacrificed their jeevans (lives) for the quam (nation) and religion, happily and readily.

I bow before the sacrifice of my little brother Bhai Dilawar Singh and Bhai Harpinder Singh Goldy. And I declare that the spilled blood of the shaheeds will not go in vain. The struggle will continue until the independence of the quam, Sikh nation.

Judge Sahib, the country which destroyed the highest temporal seat of the Sikhs, Sri Akaal Takhat sahib, killed thousands of innocent Sikhs, the country who's courts have openly accommodated killers of Sikhs, I refuse to accept such a Hindustan's courts and judicial system.

Judge Sahib, on behalf of the Khalistan Liberation Force, I wave the flag of Khalistan and declare the establishment of Khalistan in this court, and do not accept your courts and justice system. I wish peace upon our brothers who became shaheeds for the liberation of the Sikh nation.

Shaheed Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindrawaale - Amar Rahe
Shaheed Bhai Dilawar Singh - Amar Rahe
Shaheed Bhai Harpinder Singh Goldy - Amar Rahe

Jao Tao Prem Khelan Ka Chao ||
Sir Tar Tali Gali Meri Aao ||
It Marag Pair Tareejai ||
Sir Dejai Kaan Na Keejai ||
                    Khalistan Zindabad
                    Khalistan Liberation Force Zindabad

Balwant Singh Rajoaana
Khalistan Liberation Force

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