Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale

Dedicated to the sun that rose in the darkness of India's sky

A courageous champion of truth was born,
Saddened at how his homeland was torn,
At frequent funerals how he mourned,
A vow to annihilate the perpetrators was sworn.

Touring villages highlighting how innocents were slain,
Frail peasants viewed their very existence as a strain,
There stood a serene figure who could alleviate their pain,
An unblemished might that would revolutionize the game.

His words spurred motivation, inspiring cohesive sturdiness,
Never did the annals of history predict such defiance,
Absorbing their plight, he initiated a dynamic resilience,
The architects of despair would now feel fury of vengeance.

Swords were drawn from scabbards through divine instruction,
Retribution was executed with perfect precision,
In a bloodbath of justice, sinful officials lost direction,
Apostles of hate reeled with indecision.

No longer was the reign of terror presiding unspoken,
A sleeping lion was roaring after being woken,
A burning heart in a broad chest, they were no longer craven,
Faceless shackles of slavery were cast off and broken.

The ground beneath the generals of doom was quaking,
Painstaking it was to witness subordinates stampeding,
A plan of slaughter was devised to prevent them existing,
Frightful and unparalleled, they began implementing.

Soothing winds that once blew stung with even more severity,
Never were the soldiers of truth prepared for such cruelty,
Torture, rape and death, the price for attempting to turn the dream into a reality,
Darkness in the skies became an unending element of the scenery.

Property reduced to ashes, bodies and souls hacked to pieces,
The lion was tamed and with it the thrust towards justice,
A new leadership failed to combat the growing crisis,
Peasants once again accepted their downtrodden status.

This hoard of sheep are being led by blind shepherds,
To a slaughter house where they will meet their ends,
These shepherds are brought by the highest bidder,
Freedom, truth and justice there is not even a glimmer.

But the championís footprints are engrained in the sands of time,
His charisma and vigour will echo for all wedged in grime,
The peasants all over crave to hear his words and that is a certainty,
He became the heartbeat of a generation, it will pound for eternity.

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