The Search For Justice Continues -
Operation Bluestar 1984

How many Sikh lives were unaccounted for and lost?
Hundreds of thousands an outrageously high cost
You tortured the father and raped the daughter
The mother burned alive while the son died by slaughter

Indian Government please tell us how do you sleep at night?
Knowing very well that instigated such hatred and feelings of spite
You pledged to acknowledge the Sikhs but your promises were always broken
You poisoned the minds of so many by your blatant lies and your slander spoken

1675, Dhan Guru Tegh Bahadhur Ji martyred for the Hindus oppressed
The same Hindus who now wish for the Sikh Dharam to be suppressed
It is so difficult to fathom the extent of such irony
Even your forefathers will weep at your tyranny

The scars are lasting and the wounds shall never heal
As the pain of your bloody massacre we continue to feel
Hopes of justice are fading a little more each day
But mark the words of the Khalsa Panth for your crimes you shall pay.

Sir Jave Ta Jave, Mera Sikhi Sidhak Na Jave.
If I die then so be it, but may my faith in Sikhi remain firm.

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