Shaheed Khalsa

Gurjit Kaur

Defending the integrity of the saffron nishaan sahib the Shaheed Khalsa died,
Who in the 20th century Sant Bhindrawale did lead,
So let go of this lust, anger, jealousy pride and greed,
For no doubt and indeed, the great Khalsa will become Shaheed

We have to make this mission impossible,
Because true Khalsas possess a love that is unstoppable
The saint-soldiers took up arms, were cautious and wise
Because they believed in their hands and upon their heads the future of the Khalsa lies
They died defending deafening war cries
Remember for one Shaheed Khalsa head, a thousand more will rise

The heart of out motherland remains bruised deep red
Like the blood Shaheed Khalsas shed
Are you prepared to give heart, soul and head?
Because “physical death I do not fear, death of a conscience is a sure death” is what Bhindrawale Sant taught and said

Atrocities gave rise to this great generation
Who were out to get Khalistan liberation
Let’s remember the Shaheed Khalsa of this forgotten genocide
Let’s use their martyrdom to be our living guide
Let’s not forget them – the Shaheed Khalsa who died.

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