Shaheed Bhai Surinder Singh Shinda, Galovaal (Hargobindpur)

When the Sikh struggle for independence was at its peak, in the Majha region particularly in the Hargobindpur area, Bhai Surinder Singh who was lovingly called Shinda Galovaliya, since his humility, will power and braveness were highly respected by the people of that area.

Shinda Govaliye was born on 10 December 1964, in village Katoli Saini, Gurdaspur. After passing his 10th exam in Government High School, Hargobindpur he passed the Mechanical Trade Course in ITI Kaadiya.

After doing ITI course, he started farming with his family and also served the brave Singh who were involved in the Sikh Struggle. This led to the Police harassing their family. During this he went to Gurdwara Gurdarshan Prakash, Chowk Mehta. There he began to help out in the service of Langar and Amrit Sanchar. At that time, Bhai Shinda met Bhai Jugraaj SIngh, who was a well-known brave singh in the area. After Bhai Jugraaj Singh's Martyrdom, his companion Singh encouraged him to secretly help the fight of freedom. He managed to retrieve Bhai Jugraaj Singh and Bhai Bakhshees Singh's weapons from the Police. He raised a voice against the acts of gangster-hood at his nearby Gurdwara, Sri Damdama Sahib. Bhai Shinda was a respected member of brave groups. The Government issued a reward of 1 million rupees on his head. He still travelled by bicycle. One informer got Shinda caught at Hameera, near village Diyalpur.

He was taken to Biko Torture Centre where he was inhumanely tortured. The police could not get any information out of him and on 22 May 1993, he was tortured to death. Bhai Tasbit Singh Jhandher, Bhai Sukhvinder Singh Aulak, Bhai Surjan Singh Tibarr, Bhai Amarjeet Singh and Bhai Kuldeep Singh Foji were his close companions.

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