Siege Of The Sikhs
Violation Of Human Rights In Punjab

Justice Ajit Singh Bains
Published By The New Magazine Publishing Company Ltd, 1988

Author's Note

Part I: Human Rights In Punjab
Chapter 1: Operation Black Thunder And the Law of Lawlessness
Chapter 2: Undemocratic Provisions In The Constitution And Draconian Laws
Chapter 3: Violation Of Human Rights In Punjab
Chapter 4: State Terrorism

Part II: Punjab And The Problem Of Centre-State Relations
Chapter 1: The Right Of Nations To Self-Determination, Including Secession
Chapter 2: River Waters And Natural Resources
Chapter 3: The Linguistic State And Territorial Disputes
Chapter 4: The Basis Of The Centre-State Problems

Part III: The Present Situation In Perspective
Chapter 1: India Today
Chapter 2: Punjab In History
Chapter 3: From Independence To The Repeated Invasions Of The Golden Temple

Part IV: The Patriotism Of The Sikhs - A Historical Perspective
Chapter 1: The Rise Of Sikhism And The Struggle Against State And Social Oppression
Chapter 2: The Golden Temple: A Symbol Of Resistance - Against Tyranny
Chapter 3: Communalism And The Birth Of Modern Political Parties
Chapter 4: Why Are The Sikhs Under Attack?

Part V: The Victims And The Victimizers Are Not Equally Responsible

Appendix: Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

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